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1. You work in a record shop, what could convince me to go buy a record? LEWIS CANCUT
Hand painted individual artwork, signed editions, vinyl only versions, stickers, picture discs, detailed liner notes, posters, free digital downloads included. If a record is going to beat a download then it needs to focus on doing everything a mp3 cant
2. Your online cat fetish?  What random cat shit should people check out online?
Cat on a Tortoise, Cat vs Printer, Cat vs Metronome. All good starting points.
3. Who's production methods do you admire the most?

KU BO / RAS Mc Léo Carlos remix inst by Ku Bo

Dingo riddim by stereotyp ©

Probably Ku-Bo, he's got such a distinctive sound that's both very current yet timeless. Listen to his older productions now and they still sound fresh today. It's also very hard to analyze what's going on with his tracks, as they often rely on an unusual combination of sounds
4. Disco Harry mentioned that your track and his were the only ones to use a 12/8 time signature. Have you ever cared about time signatures?  What production method is more important than time signatures then?
I know nothing much about time signatures actually, for this Elephants I based the rhythm and progression around mexican 3ball music, I was drawn to 3ball initially because it was such a refreshing change from the usual 4/4 that you hear in nightclubs. The most important factor in a track for me though is whether it transcends the process through which it was created. Does it make you bounce around the room or does it make you think of Ableton presents and sample libraries.
5. Current Top 3 TLS backroom songs, you want to play, but it might lose the floor?
DJ Clock - Toi Toi.
This a bit of a make or break tune, if the floor gets into this then you know it's going to be a great night but if they all head to the bar you know you'll gonna be working hard.
Black Blood - Chicano (Danny K edit).
This tune has never cleared the floor for me ever. It's one of those records that really taps into the feeling of being out very late and loosing yourself.
JD Twitch - Cumbia 1.
Always clears the floor but love it so much I'll just keep preserving with this one.